Dated 18 of October of 1987 the Arab Republic Democratic Saharaui was activated for the first time in S0 history, sponsored among others by the Lynx Dx Group, historical operators in this first dx-pedicion were EA2JG Arseli Etxeguren, EA2ANC Agustin Lopez, OH2BH Marti Laine and S01A Naama Zeine-Eddine, I still remember the great sense of expectancy and enthusiasm that they caused between all the world-wide community dedicated to the DX and dice his good to do to not defrauded us absolutely, was a full success.


I remember that the previous steps were not easy and later that were realised outside so that recognized like new organization inside DX Century Club (DXCC), because the conversations and telexes with members of the D.X.A.C were several until day 16 of January of 1988 they were opening one by one the envelopes with the votings of each of the members of the D.X.A.C., being the voting 16 affirmative votes and one abstention, N6RJ was the one in charge of the opening of the envelopes, to pick up the scrutiny and to send the writing to a.R.R.L. Award Committee being W1XX the one in charge to receive the data, with this I complete step already was within A.R.R.L., but I do not finish history here, it is not as easy as a subject seems to raise like this in the EE.UU due to the political connoctaciones that the same entails, we consider that the EE.UU do not recognize in that date the R.A.S.D I ignore if at present they have changed of opinion, then begin to think they put as it inside, it has two possibilities one of reactivating RIO DE ORO and of including it like R.A.S.D. (little probable) and another WESTERN SAHARA-R.A.S.D the voting takes place on this point and the result of the voting is of tie, W1XX worried about the subject sends an telex to OH2BH Marti asking to him that it sends to him urgently but reasons that make possible that the members of the D.X.A.C that voted by RIO DE ORO they change of attitude in a next voting, OH2BH Marti sends urgent an telex with new arguments and summon a new voting for the week of the 26 of January, not to imagine the joy to you of which they were in 7099 to 14,00 hours EA when day 26 of January of 1988 communicates EA2JG to us Arseli, the decision of A.R.R.L to include in the list of the D.X.C.C. S0 with the denomination Western Sahara, being been worth the qsos from the 27 of February of 1976 date of the proclamation of the R.A.S.D and only for stations with official license sent by the authorities of the R.A.S.D., being able to send qsls for the accreditation of the new organization from the 1 of April of 1988. This paragraph has been transcribed of the bulletin of the Lynx nº 165 date 2 February 1988 being editor of the same EA2JG Arseli,I have had to resort to the same then my memory no longer is what was, because ........, good thing of the years .............


With this first exit to the air of S0, the bases for future dx-pediciones were put that have been taken place in passing of the years, the first radio ham of the R.A.S.D was Naama Zeine-Eddine S01A that besides being very active in the bands, in very few months I get at first pounds-up to dominate them with an unsuspected agility, was the one in charge to start up the UNION OF RADIO HAMS SAHARAUIS whose station club operates like S0RASD, with this qsl confirmed his to manager his first official notices.



Next they can listen to the first 8 minutes of this first dx-pedicion S0RASD from the Arab Republic Democratic Saharaui, being the privileged people in carrying out first qsos EA5AN Vicente, EA5AT J.Fernando, EA6WV Jaume, EA2KL Jon, EA3AOC Luis, whom they followed very many but giving satisfaction to infinity of radio hams worldwide.


And as not to be of another way here this appreciated qsl card of qso with S0RASD of 18 of October 1987 to 14.45 GMT in 14 Mhz. in SSB

Also they can enjoy images this first dx-pedicion to the R.A.S.D where a directional antenna of 3 elements for HF was installed for the first time in history, after seeing this video I realize now as podeis spends of express the time ......... next to see the video.



Nonstep too much time in knowing personally the correspondent my first qso with the R.A.S.D in this snapshot can see me with S01A (Naama) in May of 1988 in Madrid during the convention of LYNX DX GROUP in their anniversary Xº.

In aim this has been all my friendly, we were listened to in the next one pile-up or contest, 73


EA5AT J.Fernando